Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Would You Say If.... got these two e-mails from someone from your past, within hours of each other:

1. "You are my ideal woman, I am certain I am in love with you, you are my soulmate and we would be perfect together. I feel as though I have been searching for you my whole life."

2. "I want to give you a hickey?" [question mark SIC]

No, really, I want to know what you would say.


  1. Here's what I say Anne.

    Regarding the first email, I would seriously ponder what had transpired in previous email conversations. I am assuming this first email did not just come out of the blue.If those emails shared common interests, goals, passions, etc. to make me believe that this person could possibly share a future with me, I would have been excited about the email and responded in a positive way. On the other hand, I would have a hard time understanding how someone (from my past, too) via email communications, could make such a bold statement that I was their soulmate, etc.

    Since I personally have been married for 32 years, having a soulmate is a relationship acquired over time that is rooted, grows and blooms in its own unique way over the years through love, memories and shared experiences.

    So that email statement, as lovely as it is, has no true basis to it, and cannot be taken seriously.

    Then to receive the second email within hours regarding wanting to give a hickey, shows a shallowness and perhaps a correction of the statment "I am certain I am in love with you" to simply a self-serving statement of lust.

  2. Agreed, Linda. It's like this person was searching for a play to act out his own part in, and it hardly mattered who his "costar" was. It makes me curious about that play, but not curious enough to buy a ticket or anything.

    You are also right about "soulmate" being something you earn and grow into--not something you proclaim. I love what you have shared here, for more reasons than I can say.

    Also, hickeys are just gross, once you're past seventh grade.

  3. I would ask why she is telling me I'm her ideal "woman". I'm pretty sure the beard is a near unmistakable example of not having had a sex-change operation.